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I just finished shooting and directing my first documentary feature in Montana, titled "Good Kids" (in Post). But mostly I'm proud of winning my mens basketball championship.

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Daniel Yonathan

Writer | Director | Adult Mens Basketball Rec Champion

GoodKids (2025)

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Good Kids is a coming-of-age feature documentary that follows the mayhem of a group of high schoolers who open up a skate shop in rural Montana, as they search for community and creativity in a town shaped by religion, addiction, and open space.


Director: Daniel Yonathan

Production company: Muddy Water.

Status: Post-Production, release 2025.

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GoodKids (2025)

GoodKids (2025)

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GoodKids (2025)

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GoodKids (2025)


GoodKids (2025)

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GoodKids (2025)

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